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How to Treat Your Chosen Lady from VIP Luton Escorts

This week’s article follows up on the one we posted about escort etiquette last week. This time we will be informing you about how you should treat your escort in order for you to get the best booking experience possible. It should be obvious that a client who treats his escort with care and respect will receive more effort on behalf of the girl.

All of our escorts are sophisticated and highly intellectual and as such know exactly how to identify when someone hasn’t experienced an escort encounter before. This means that you don’t need to worry about telling this to your companion and she will be more than happy to lead the way and ensure you feel comfortable.

Contacting Us

The vast majority of our bookings come through our booking line on 07405 650181, which is why the first part of this article will be talking about how to conduct yourself while you call up.

It’s important that you know whether you’d like to make an incall or an outcall booking when you call us as we will require you to have your number to hand that we can contact you, preferably on a mobile for incall and preferably your landline number for outcalls to a private residence.

We will also require you to give us the hotel landline number, room number and the name you have booked your room under should you book an outcall to a hotel. Due to the high volume of false bookings and timewasters, we will need to confirm that you are exactly where you say you are before we send your escort to you.

We will explain our procedure to you when you call and you can just follow this and your booking should begin smoothly.


As with every other agency in the area, we will need to do some screening so that we can ensure that our ladies are safe in your company. Please do not be offended if we ask you for personal information as this is purely for the purpose of prioritising the safety of our girls and individually tailoring the booking experienced based on your personal preferences.


Now that the previous points have been dealt with, it’s important to get into what we actually expect during your booking. The first thing you should do when you meet your escort is to hand over your payment which should be made in cash within the first 10 minutes of your booking.

It’s also of vital importance that you understand that our escort rates are non-negotiable and attempting to haggle either over the phone or with your escort in person will lead to you being blacklisted from our agency.


The first point we will have about the booking itself is a very important point. When you make a booking with us, don’t have a friend be in the same hotel room or house, or turn up to your escorts apartment with you. You also should not have anyone else arrive in the middle of the booking or even at the end, your time with your escort is between you and your escort and for our companion’s safety she will be instructed to leave if there is anyone other than yourself present.

If you are making an incall appointment we may only give you the street and postcode for your chosen escort’s apartment, again for her personal safety. If this is the case we will ask you to contact us once you are on the street specified and we will give you the apartment or house number.

Most of our bookings take place in hotels, so if you’re one of these people please understand that we will be in contact with the hotel discreetly and will be asked to be put through to your room in order to confirm that you are actually there.


Just as you expect the highest standard of behaviour from our girls, it’s important that you take into account that we will expect a certain standard of behaviour from you as a client. For example, take care to be respectful and ask your escort what she likes, be caring and overall be amiable. The more effort you put into making her work less of a chore, the more inclined she will be to work hard to leave you as satisfied as possible.

If you plan to book a dinner date, please ask the agency or the girl you’ve chosen upon meeting where she would like to eat rather than choosing for her, purely for reasons of courtesy. It’s also of vital importance that you are not drunk or intoxicated in any way as no escort wants to meet a drunk or unkempt client. No escort is going to chastise you for drinking, just so long as you do so in moderation once the booking is underway.