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Luton Escorts Etiquette – What’s Expected of You

When booking one of the gorgeous ladies from our agency there will be a few little things we expect from you. We work incredibly hard to ensure that your booking experience is the best it can be, so it’s important to follow the few simple guidelines we give you to return the favour to our girls who put so much effort into making sure our clients are far more than satisfied. These are simple and basic points of etiquette that should be upheld and abided by in order to truly get the most out of your escort encounter.

Incall and Outcall Bookings

There are slightly differing points which must be followed depending on whether you’re making an incall or outcall bookings, which are detailed as follows.


If you are making an incall booking you need to make sure you treat her residence with respect and that you also respect her privacy. You will be expected to maintain a formal, courteous manner although you don’t need to worry about being unnecessarily friendly.

As you would when visiting any other person’s home, please ask permission before you do anything. Try to keep yourself at a level volume and do not be overly demanding. You should also remember that her confidentiality is equally as important as your own, so do not share her address with anyone regardless of whether it’s your neighbor or another punter you are acquainted with.


If you have requested an outcall booking to your home or hotel room, you should first make sure that this is a suitable and safe place for us to send one of our girls. We take the safety of our girls very seriously and will not send them to somewhere we don’t trust to safe.

Make sure there is a friendly and warm ambience inside that is welcoming and please be aware that there are no guests or other unexpected people present as your escort will not visit a property with more than one person.


Hygiene is one of the most important things you need to understand our expectations for. Our girls try extremely hard to make sure they look the absolute best they possibly can and it is the least you can do to make sure you are clean and tidy in return.

If you turn up not having taken care of this you will more than likely have to go through the embarrassment of being asked to take a shower before your escort will spend any time in your company or even worse, may simply cancel the booking on the spot.

Health and Safety

The sophistication of the modern escort industry dictates that health and safety is one of the biggest concerns for our girls. This is why you should always be completely upfront about and health problems, diseases or even something as simple as a cut or rash as this is of vital importance to your chosen escort.

When clients do suffer from a health problem there is a tendency for them to hide this from their escort which can put our girls at risk of infection. Even if you are completely clean of any sexually transmitted infections or diseases, it’s important that you report any sort of illness you may have as even a simple cold or flu can cause a huge impact on her work.


If you have enjoyed your booking with your chosen companion, please use the review function on our girl profiles to leave us some feedback on what you enjoyed about your booking. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve in the future you should also let us know so that we can better our agency and maintain our impeccable reputation as one of the best escort agencies in Luton.